Trump Seeking Delay in Classified Documents Trial

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Firm News

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers are seeking a delay in his classified documents trial that is currently set for December 11, 2023. In filing their request, Trump’s attorneys cited the large volume of materials that must be reviewed, and the complexity of the legal issues, to support their request for an indefinite delay of the trial. Special counsel for the Government, Jack Smith, is seeking to have the trial begin as scheduled. The Speedy Trial Act, requires that a trial be held within 70 days of the filing of a criminal complaint or indictment. However, there are provisions in the code which allow for a waiver of that time period. Many legal commentators have speculated that it could be a defense strategy for Mr. Trump to postpone the trial until after the November, 2024, election. In that case, if Mr. Trump is victorious in the election, he could instruct the Justice Department to dismiss the case against him, or possibly pardon himself, if convicted.