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Combatting Drug Charges In And Out Of Court

Last updated on December 24, 2020

Ohio prosecutors are known for their aggressive stance on drug use and drug crimes. If you are facing a drug charge, you need a strong legal ally by your side to fight for your best interests.

At the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey, we leverage decades of successful courtroom representation to protect your rights and your freedom when you are struggling with a drug violation. Our lead attorney, Gregory S. Robey, tailors his defensive strategy according to your unique situation. He will not recommend accepting a plea deal unless that approach will secure the most favorable outcome for you. A skilled litigator, attorney Robey, is always ready to advocate for you in court.

Why Working With An Experienced Litigator Can Make A Difference

Hiring an attorney who is willing to take drug violation cases to trial can make a difference in how your legal issue is resolved. Whether you have been charged with trafficking and distribution or another serious offense, attorney Robey will use his insight to poke holes in the prosecution’s case and present an assertive defense.

Over the course of his career, attorney Robey has represented defendants charged with a variety of misdemeanor and felony offenses, including:

  • Possession
  • Trafficking and distribution
  • Cultivation and manufacturing
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Prescription drug offenses

Misdemeanor and felony drug convictions can have a lasting impact on your life. Having a drug conviction on your criminal record can severely limit your job and housing options for years. Our team knows that the stakes are high when you are facing these charges, which is why we will not push you to accept a plea deal that may jeopardize your future.

Representing Defendants In Medical Marijuana Matters

Although Ohio has established a medical marijuana program, it is possible for residents who are permitted to use marijuana to be charged with possession. If you believe that you have been unlawfully arrested for marijuana possession, do not assume that the charges will be dropped without legal representation.

Attorney Robey provides aggressive and skilled representation for defendants facing drug charges for medical and nonmedical use. He is extensively familiar with the laws governing marijuana use in the state, including driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). Using this insight and his understanding of the criminal process, attorney Robey is able to create assertive defensive strategies that get results.

Whether you are facing charges connected to marijuana possession, prescription drug fraud or another serious violation, we are ready and equipped to advocate for you.

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