Month: February 2021

What is a Grand Jury and what does it do?

I recently attended a bond hearing for a client where the court set a bond and conditions for release. Once the client posted the bond, he called me and asked "So what is the next step?" I told him that his case would now be sent to the Grand Jury for review of...

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What is an indictment?

As a criminal defense lawyer, I often get this question. An indictment is a document that advises an accused of felony charges that have been filed against them. A felony offense is typically punishable by a prison term of greater than one year. An indictment is...

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What is an arraignment?

I have often told clients that our next hearing is an "arraignment". I never really gave too much thought about it, until a new client innocently asked "what is an arraignment, and what happens at an arraignment?" Great question, that many lawyers (myself included),...

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