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Skilled Advocacy For Individuals Charged With White Collar Offenses

Last updated on December 24, 2020

White collar crime is a broad term that usually refers to crimes of a nonviolent nature perpetrated by or against corporate institutions. Often white collar crimes involve some degree of fraudulent financial transactions or illegal record-keeping from individuals inside an organization. Unfortunately, innocent people can be entangled in a white collar crime scheme without their knowledge.

If you were the unsuspecting victim of a white collar crime, the Law Office of Gregory S. Robey is committed to providing you with all available legal options. Regardless of the crime, we believe that you have legal rights. We are ready to develop an assertive defense that supports your version of events.

Equipped To Handle A Variety Of Cases

Whether you have been charged with a white collar crime, are a suspect, or have already been convicted and wish to appeal, contact one of our criminal attorneys online.

Since 1991, our founding attorney, Gregory Robey, has successfully represented individuals charged with a range of serious violations such as financial crimes. He has the extensive criminal defense skill set you need to fight intricate offenses that include:

  • Investment fraud: This type of fraud involves persuading investors to purchase or sell investments in the stock and commodity markets with the support of false information.
  • Tax fraud: This offense involves engaging in tax evasion. While tax avoidance is legal and simply involves using the tax regime to lower taxes that must be paid, tax evasion occurs when illegal means are used in efforts to not pay taxes.
  • Accounting fraud: This may involve misusing or misdirecting funds, understating expenses or the existence of liabilities, overstating revenues or the value of corporate assets and other similar misdeeds by trusted executives of large public corporations using complex methods.
  • Forgery: This usually involves creating, adapting or imitating documents, statistics or objects to deceive others. Forgery may involve archaeology, art, official documents, currency and more.
  • Identity theft: This crime involves assuming the identity of another individual to access resources and benefits that are in the name of that individual. Identity theft may be used to obtain money, credit, medical drugs or goods and services, and it may also be used to pose as another person when approached about a crime.
  • Embezzlement: This offense occurs when an individual or multiple people dishonestly appropriate assets when they are entrusted with such assets. The assets often are financial in nature.
  • Money laundering: This involves engaging in financial transactions that generate an asset or value resulting from an illegal act and concealing the identity, source or destination of this illegally obtained money.
  • Insider trading: This crime occurs when there is trading of company stock or security by individuals who have access to information that is confidential and not available to the public, giving them an unfair and illegal advantage over other shareholders.

Protect Your Personal And Professional Reputation. Contact Our Firm.

These legal issues don’t just affect your personal life; they can destroy your reputation, limiting your ability to earn a living and support your family. When you are confronting this serious matter, you need to work with an attorney who knows how to fight the charges – and win.

Arrange your confidential consultation today by calling 216-505-4950 or emailing our Cleveland firm. All information about your case is kept strictly confidential.