What are the possibilities for the Derek Chauvin verdict?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Firm News

The jury is now deliberating in the Derek Chauvin case. There are several questions that are swirling around this case. First, how long could the jury deliberate? The answer is – whatever time it actually takes for the members of the jury to reach a unanimous verdict on the charges against the former police officer. We know that there was plenty of witness testimony, and physical evidence for the jury to review – so reaching a unanimous verdict may take some time. What verdict could the jury reach? The jury could find Chauvin guilty of all charges. The jury could find him not guilty of all of charges. Finally, the jury could reach a “split decision” finding him guilty of some of the charges, but not guilty of other charges. What happens if the jury is unable to reach a unanimous verdict? If a jury is unable to reach a unanimous verdict, then you have a “hung jury”, and the court would declare a mistrial. What happens if a mistrial is declared? In the case of a mistrial, the prosecution has the option of requesting a new trial or dismissing the case. It is highly unlikely in case like this one, that the prosecution would dismiss the case. What happens if Chauvin is convicted? If Derek Chauvin is found guilty of charges, the court would then set a sentencing date to impose punishment. The court then imposes the sentence, not the jury. However, in some states, the jury can recommend a sentence for the court to impose. Once a sentence is imposed, a person has the right to appeal the conviction and sentence.