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What is a Subpoena?

I recently had a client call me and say that he received "something about some kind of court date at the Federal Grand Jury". I asked him, "so what did you do with this document?". He responded, "I put it in my stack of papers that I need to read". I then responded...

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What is an indictment?

As a criminal defense lawyer, I often get this question. An indictment is a document that advises an accused of felony charges that have been filed against them. A felony offense is typically punishable by a prison term of greater than one year. An indictment is...

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What is an arraignment?

I have often told clients that our next hearing is an "arraignment". I never really gave too much thought about it, until a new client innocently asked "what is an arraignment, and what happens at an arraignment?" Great question, that many lawyers (myself included),...

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Ohio Postpones Executions

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine postponed three executions set for early 2021. The Governor cited the state's difficulty in convincing drug companies to sell the state new lethal injection drugs. The state is concerned that if pharmaceutical companies find out that they...

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