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What is an arrest warrant?

Many times during the week I receive calls from people asking, "can you check to see if I have a warrant for my arrest?" So what exactly is an arrest warrant? An arrest warrant is issued by a judge or a magistrate that authorizes a law enforcement officer to arrest...

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What is a misdemeanor?

I recently spoke with a client, who is currently on federal supervised release, after completing his prison term for a drug offense. When I asked him how things were going, he responded that he was working and generally doing well, except that he recently had to go to...

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What is a felony?

After the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, we heard it all over the TV, the news and social media, that the people involved would likely be facing felony charges. So what is a felony, and what exactly does that mean? In the United States, there are two...

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What is a Subpoena?

I recently had a client call me and say that he received "something about some kind of court date at the Federal Grand Jury". I asked him, "so what did you do with this document?". He responded, "I put it in my stack of papers that I need to read". I then responded...

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What is an indictment?

As a criminal defense lawyer, I often get this question. An indictment is a document that advises an accused of felony charges that have been filed against them. A felony offense is typically punishable by a prison term of greater than one year. An indictment is...

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